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Published on February 3, 2018

123Movies Game of Thrones Season 7 Full HD, watch Movies Free now. ‘Dragonstone’ has to be the best first episode of Game of Thrones since season 4, it is filled with so many breathtaking scenes that the writers nailed right on the head. We are well ahead of the books now, so the writers are coming up with their own tale, and they are doing a great job at keeping up with the style of George R. R Martins books, without betraying the source material. Now I have read some of the ridiculous bad reviews from the fools in the review section, but these are probably just whiny little kids you just want everything to follow the books to a tee.

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Dragonstone starts off with a great opening, tying up loose ends and showing us again how badass Arya is. However I do hope they don’t overpower her too much. The scenes in the North were also brilliant, and I loved how Sansa questioned Jon about his decisions, and the scene plays out in a way that you can understand where both characters are coming from. Oh and please show us more Tormund and Brienne, they are just perfect for the much needed comedy.


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The scenes at Kings Landing were good, nothing very important happens, other than Jamie being roasted, which was hilarious. I do hope however, that they make Euron as savage as he is in the books. There is next to nothing wrong with this episode other than, one small issue. Ed Sheering. While I am a fan of his, he was so out of place here, and it took away from the immersion of the rather great scene he was in. Now it would have been better if he was less recognisable – maybe dressed in a long wig with a shaggy beard or even a patch over his eye, to make him less – Ed. The scene was great, as it showed Arya that not all Lannister soldiers are rapists and murderers.

123Movies Game of Thrones Season 7

123Movies Game of Thrones Season 7

But the best part of this episode, is by far the scenes with the Hound and the Brotherhood. The Hound is my favourite Game of Thrones character, and seeing him back in his full glory was incredible. His care-free attitude makes him one of the most interesting characters to watch, and I can’t wait to see him roast more people for being bald. 123Movies Game of Thrones Season 7 very great.

Sam’s scenes were great, I loved how they edited it all together, to make you gag and laugh all at the same time. Dragonstone was a brilliant episode, that sets up the next episodes perfectly. Now that were are way past the books, I am more than eager to be surprised and not have anything spoiled by idiots on the internet gone before.

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This episode is a perfect example of that old maxim “Less Is More”…..a slow opening, some great production values, an almost total lack of dialogue from some main characters…all these add up to a great season opener that has gravitas, thought, depth and some great acting…..my fave band is Rush but I listen to Slayer as well,you need light/dark..you can’t be pounded over the head all the time,you need to breathe and appreciate what the quiet really can bring out….you can’t have constant battles/warfare without the little things that add greatly to an episode or a series….

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