5 strange facts that only the gut fan knows about the green giant Hulk

Published on May 30, 2018

5 strange facts that only the gut fan knows about the green giant Hulk. Even though he himself possesses the capacity to evangelize, does The Hulk / Bruce Banner have a deadly weakness similar to that of other superheroes? Continuing the previous article, we will explore all the remaining super-powers of the remaining Hulk that Marvel has not yet exploited on the big screen. And make sure that super capacity at the bottom of the list will be more or less a surprise to those who have not read the manga. Watch movies free hd on zmovies now.

1. Different colors, different capacities

In addition to the famous green color, The Hulk is also known in red and gray versions. Normally, Red Hulk (Thaddeus Ross) possesses strength and speed superior to the Green Hulk. However, unlike his friend the blue skin will become stronger when angry, if the fight for so long, high body temperature will cause Red Hulk reduced combat ability. He can only increase his power by absorbing all kinds of radiation, from gamma rays to cosmic rays. It is scary, the Red Hulk has not lost consciousness during the giant incarnation. Thus, he is always listed as a tough opponent in Marvel comic.

2. Immune control mental intelligence

Regardless of the MCU, based on the comic principle, even the most exuberant psychic abilities such as Professor X are not strong enough to “read the brain” The Hulk. To explain the phenomenon, some hypotheses suggest that: because the giant mind exists so many crazy personality outside Bruce Banner with Green Hulk, the need to control and control them all at the same time. The point is impossible.

5 strange facts that only the gut fan knows about the green giant Hulk

5 strange facts that only the gut fan knows about the green giant Hulk

3. The world’s most beautiful compass

From the time of The Hulk, Banner had always been able to pinpoint where he had been in a coma before, no matter where he was, even in other dimensions. At times, just based on pure instinct, The Hulk was able to track down anyone. For example, the comic series The Incredible Hulk Vol. 2, because of the indignity of Abomination’s murderous hands to kill his wife, Banner quickly poked his hiding place on the bottom of a lake.

4. Skin is hard to penetrate

Briefly, except for the rare adamantium, there is no weapon on earth that causes The Hulk to fall into the “pebbles”. It allows him to withstand most of the physical impact from bullets, mines, missiles, atomic bombs to the destructive tactics of high-ranking villains. In addition, the skin is so persistent that, thanks to it, the Hulk is not affected by temperature or pressure factors in all environmental conditions.

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5. The monster never sleeps

As mentioned above, there are many chaotic personalities staying in Bruce Banner / The Hulk’s head. There was a time when Banner won the rest of the crowd and took full control of himself. It allows him to transform into a giant but without losing his mind. However, when returning to normal shape, Banner will feel the body exhausted exhausted. According to The Incredible Hulk comic book 275, he must earn food immediately to make up for his energy after using The Hulk. Banner commented that the Hulk’s anger helped him to stay active for several weeks without having to touch food or sleep.

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5 strange facts that only the gut fan knows about the green giant Hulk
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