Deadpool 2 news – Secret audience is expected

Published on May 15, 2018

Deadpool 2 news – Secret audience is expected. In the after-credit episode of Deadpool, the darned mobster mentioned that Cable’s character will officially appear in Season 2. Immediately after this reveal, a series of hardcore comic fans jumped in joy. Meanwhile, the audience was wondering, “What’s the end of Cable?” More than two years since Deadpool debuted, and on the occasion of Deadpool 2, it’s time to explore the origins and power of the armchair (not Winter Soldier), to understand why Deadpool Not a fool to fight with him.

It first appeared on the comic in 1986, but Cable was only a baby. At the time, he was not named Cable, but Nathan Summer, Scott Summer’s son (X-Men Cyclop) and Madeline Pryor (supposedly a copy of Jean Gray). The birth of this child is in the plan of Mr. Hand. Sinister: He wants to create a mutant with mutant power and use this mutant to defeat his Apocalypse.

Unfortunately, Nathan was later infected by the Apocalypse with the Techno-Organic Virus, a parasite that binds to the host and continuously transforms raw skin into organic metal, and the virus does not cure ( at least at that time). If Nathan is to die, a visitor from the future of 2000 years, Sister Askani, appears and says that Nathan will be the savior of the time. Askani wants to take Nathan to the rescue and fulfill his mission, but it is a one-way trip, and Askani sacrifices his body only to make one jump through time. Scott decides to ask Nani to take Nathan away and never see his son again.

Deadpool 2 news

Deadpool 2 news

In 1990, Nathan officially appeared as an adult in the New Mutants series, somewhat similar to a soldier and nicknamed Cable. Cable returns to the past to perform a secret mission, while recruiting and training a group of young mutants. This is the forerunner of X-Forces. Cable’s secret mission was later revealed to have prevented Strife and the Liberation Front (in fact, terrorist groups) from spreading, as well as hijacking the Apocalypse’s power-gathering plan.

In Deadpool 2, it is known that Cable is also a time traveler, and his goal in 2017 is supposed to capture (or kill) a boy. This may sound very unlikely to be a hero, but it’s possible that Cable in the movie has its own reasons. The trailer also shows Josh Brolin’s appearance outside of the cable, which is quite similar to the prototype in the series, with the arm and the glowing side (except for cable comics such as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s exorbitant photoshopping version). ).

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As mentioned above, Nathan is brought to the future for treatment, but unfortunately, nearly half of his left body has been eaten by the Techno-Organic Virus, leading to his left arm and part of his face. become like a robot. The virus continued to spread at a slower pace, until Redd and Slym Dayspring taught Nathan how to use his mutant ability to control the virus. Cable, in the film as well as in the story, also has a strange half-human body.

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Deadpool 2 news
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