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Published on May 15, 2018

Deadpool 2 review IMDB. I saw DP2 at an advanced screening yesterday. After all the buzz and hype about superhero flicks I have to say I’m really getting tired. It’s always the same formula. Still DP had some really fun moments although they tend to lose the thread after one hour. Cable played by Josh Brolin was really good and one of the better villains of the Marvel movies. The plot itself had too much silliness over it to really care but hey, this is a comedy. DeadPool 2 will be a success but I don’t really think it’s gonna be remembered as a cool movie.

Making a good sequel is hard. Making a brilliant one is even harder. Making Deadpool 2 must have been insanely hard then because this movie is a home run in almost every aspect. Click Deadpool 2 full movie watch online free.

Since there is only one negative thing I have to say about this movie I’ll get it right out of the way. A lot of the cgi was visibly very bad. Surprisingly bad actually. I have no idea if it was ironic or not but its really not that big of a flaw.

Ok so positive stuff: The movie was absolutely stomach-pain-inducingly funny. There are moments in this movie where the whole theater was screaming from laughter. I didn’t notice a single joke that fell flat. Of course some are either low brow or just not as good but none of them were horribly cringy or in general bad. Ryan gives, yet again, another perfect portrayal of the merc with the mouth. Born for it , literally.

I think this movie works best with someone who watches lots of movies, follows pop culture (particularly marvel (and heck even some dc) movies). The references are at least 60% of the humor along with the hilarious slapstick and visual comedy.

Deadpool 2 review IMDB

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All of the characters are great, the standout being Domino. Not because of the performance as much as just the brilliantness of the idea of a lucky superhero. The movie is action packed with a lot of hilarious visual comedy as well as plenty of gore and limbs to satisfy the R rated hungry Deadpool fans.

The movie has some seriousness to it too, not only being 100% wacky like the first Deadpool. The writers actually injected some emotion and “family connection” into the movie and it all worked very well.

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Please do yourself a favor and stay until the after credits (of which there are two, just don’t miss them). Fantastic sequel and probably the funniest movie I have seen in a while. 9.5/10 Deadpool 2 review IMDB very good!

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Deadpool 2 review IMDB
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