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Published on February 6, 2018

Gladiator Reviews – The Top Movie. Regular readers of my comments note my penchant for pointing out that film is a modern medium, meaning that films – good ones anyway – are often largely about themselves. When the nature of this self-comment is interesting, I point it out. But I failed to do so in an earlier comment on Gladiator, so here is the remedy.

Summer movies target the lowest of our sensibilities. The plots are highly simplified morality plays where good and evil are radically drawn; the form is of violent spectacle. In other words, our civilized society wants the same things we observe in later Rome, to which we insist on feeling superior.

So the master Scott gives us a violent spectacle about a violent spectacle. He makes fun of us by pandering to our baser tastes while slyly getting us to agree with the wise senator who observes how simple, stupid and manipulable is the mob. He did much the same in Blade Runner, but there the comment was on the sharpness, complexity of the audience not its dullness.

Is this a maturing cynicism, an adventure into a new challenge (mastering the art of painting with a blunt palette), or a striking out against Hollywood’s financial politics? I suppose we’ve have to wait a decade to find out — until after the power-hungry Caesars die and the medium is returned to the enlightened leaders of the people.

Every single detail: from a perfect cast, to flawless acting, flawless script, the most ascetically amazing and magnificent sets of all time, costume design’s are flawless, the directing and editing was absolutely brilliant: you can go frame by frame line by line detail to detail and you will not find any flaws.

Gladiator Reviews

Gladiator Reviews

Even the greatest movies of all time have either a minor plot flaw, or someone does a bad acting job, or their was a casting flaw (someone who just stuck out your head that would be better for a certain part), their is almost always flaws in a certain scene’s that could be improved upon or if you could go back in time and change certain things you would. In this movie there is not one single thing in that could be improved upon down to smallest of details.

Their is are not any scene’s, line’s, setting, or expressions in the movie that could be improved upon. No other film has ever been this perfect on so many levels. If it was possible to go back in time and re-shoot this movie again and again starting with everything the same everything, the chances of everything being executed this perfect again are extremely slim for a film of this scale.

This movie raised the bar as high as it can go and the bar cannot be raised any higher. Just like you cannot travel faster than speed of light this movie cannot be surpassed. The best any future movie can do is tie and chances of a future movie being this perfect are not very likely. You would have better chances of winning the LOTTO several times then to see another movie that is executed so perfectly in every way.

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You may enjoy another movie more, because of different factors like your favorite genre or you, somehow dislike some part of this movie for some strange reason like you are scarred of a little blood or violence. But no one could logically argue that any other movie has been developed and executed this perfectly.

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