Mad Max Fury Road Rating

Published on April 17, 2018

Mad Max Fury Road Rating newest. We will evaluate this movie is good or not good. After watching the film has a lot of different opinions. Take a look at these reviews. Click mad max fury road movie online watch free now.

Mad Max Fury Road Rating newest

1. I really wish that I visited this page and found some helpful reviews from objective people before I went to cinema and I would probably save some money for some better movie.”Masterpiece”, ”movie of the year” are you serious people? Wont say this movie is total failure but its not far away from that either. No story, no dialogs, many things left unanswered, Max is not even main character here and Furiosa somehow took that role. This is just a bunch of visuals effects and road action. I’m gonna forget about as soon. If you looking for road action then this one is for you, but if you looking for something more than this movie is not worthy of your time and money and two hours of your life

2. Having seen the original Mad Max movies, I get a sad feeling that reminds me the actual Hollywood disease that has become the search to address all sorts of public in order to go mainstream and killing the actual soul of histories and directors. This movie for saying shortly is a castrated one, original mad Max movies were not certainly appealing for everybody, many people enjoyed and elevated them to cult status for what they were, a crude vision of a possible future, the air of melancholy and grief not to mention the desperate anxiety you experienced has gone completely. The intents to express that and resemble the original essence of the series are ridiculous and lost when the hands of advisers and marketing teams are destroying what could be possible vestiges of art, here totally gone in favor of a caricaturization of Mad Max done to be friendly for aged 10 to 16.

Mad Max Fury Road Rating

Mad Max Fury Road Rating

3. This is an another perfect example of beautifully photographed and masterfully directed piece of writing garbage. Except for a nonsense far-fetched story, there is also almost no acting, no jokes and no laughs. Everything is accomplished through design, makeup, sfx and camera/direction. Good casting made no point here. Tom Hardy is not Max, especially if you remember mad Gibson. The same goes for other characters. Mr. Miller should have left the sleeping dogs lay after 30 years. This attempt to reboot fails in most aspects. No story, no emotions, no drama, no mad Max (crazy – yes, mad – no) and so on. As the title says: hollow. Worth a look, though, for comparison with previous sequels. This movie has no soul.

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4. The last Mad Max Fury Road Rating : The first half hour is excellent. I was on board and blown away. The costumes, set design – and those cars! – were truly amazing. Opening action sequence is incredible – until, they introduced the ultra-dramatic violins and sappy orchestra soundtrack. Absolutely ruined the movie for me. Soundtrack belonged in Pearl Harbor, not Mad Max. Should have been heavy metal or dub step electronic music, or even better, barely any music at all. It just made the movie so cheesy. Then add lack of plot, no character development and sub-par acting and you get a somewhat forgettable movie. Charlize Theron who is indeed an amazing actress, supposedly gives a stellar performance in this flick. I really don’t know how that is determined. She basically says nothing and just scowls the entire time. I totally checked out mentally from this movie about 60% into it. I really wanted to leave, or start checking email on my phone.

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Mad Max Fury Road Rating
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