Paddington 2 review

Published on January 13, 2018

Paddington 2 review. How do you rate this movie? There are a lot of different opinions around this blockbuster. Let us explore the interesting evaluation it! There will definitely be a lot of fun for you from this article.

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Paddington 2 review: This film is a delight and somehow captures the magic of the original and continues in the same spirit, if not surpassing it. I defy anyone not to enjoy this family romp as not only is it suitable for anyone, but it also appeals to everyone.

Sometimes it is only in snatches but everyone in the film gets a moment and there is a little bit of something for everyone in the audience as well. The story is great and there are fun moments and big laughs scattered throughout. Everything rests on the great storytelling however as it uses the time-tested formula of ‘Therefores’ instead of ‘And thens’. Instead of a random assortment of scenes and occurrences vaguely stitched together in the end, everything follows a logic that sees one event lead to another and all come together to create a full and enjoyable picture.

Overall this film comes highly recommended as whether you are young or old it is enjoyable and suitable for everyone while still being massively entertaining and fun, it joins the previous Paddington in becoming an instant classic, which is pretty rare for a sequel! This film is hilarious and made me cry a cry of joy and also of sadness, multiple times. It is amazing to watch live characters bond with an imaginary, animated bear. Even though there’s not actually a bear there, you can feel the love within the family.

Paddington 2 review

Paddington 2 review

Paddington 2 review: The film starts off with a little flash back showing how Paddington was saved from falling off the waterfall when he was a cub, by Uncle Pastuzo and Aunt Lucy. They adopted him and raised him as if he was their own son. Then it returns to present time. Paddington wants to get the perfect gift for Aunt Lucy on her 100th Birthday and decides on a present, but it is expensive. He works hard to earn enough money to buy the gift. One night while he is walking past the store where the gift is, a thief breaks into the store and steals it. Paddington chases after the burglar, but when the police arrive they assume that he is the thief. Paddington is sentenced to 10 years in prison even though he didn’t commit the crime. His family tries to prove his innocence, but they don’t have much evidence.

Paddington (Ben Whishaw) is supposed to be a young bear. Ben Wishaw, who does his voice, doesn’t sound like a young bear to me. He sounds more like a polite and proper man. Even though he doesn’t sound young, his voice matches Paddington’s personality, particularly because Paddington is very polite, kind and sweet. The animation for this film is very realistic. Paddington interacts with objects that aren’t animated, which makes him seem like he is actually there. Paddington looks very realistic with very detailed fur, eyes and feet. My favorite part of this film are all of the jokes throughout it. They are so funny and sarcastic. The whole audience was laughing together. Everyone understood the jokes, adults and children both, which is always great.

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The moral of this story is to be kind and positive, so that life will be kind and positive to you. Throughout all the hardships that Paddington goes through, he stays positive, remains kind and eventually everything becomes right in the end. Paddington 2 is such an amazing film to watch with your whole family. I give it 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 3 to 18, as well as adults. It opens in theaters nationwide on January 12, 2018 so, go check it out.

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Paddington 2 review
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