Paddington 2 trailer

Published on January 13, 2018

Paddington 2 trailer. Watch the trailer you will understand why this movie is so popular. The movie is currently very hot on the cinema. The movie is world-famous, offering relaxing moments for viewers.

Watch now Paddington 2 trailer.

If Paddington 2 was a motivation speech, it would be titled as: “be the best version of yourself”. At the same time, if the original movie causes you a nervous shake like: “how it is bearable for people to watch animated Teddy bear eating bread with orange jam” – you should also pass by this premiere. But for those, who fully conscious of what is going on behind the cinema doors, Paddington 2 is almost a perfect family movie for all ages. Foreseeable indeed, childly naïve indeed, but therefore charming. While looking narrowly, you start to notice some movie encouragers. Extreme positive vision of the protagonist and obscure version of world without him from “It’s a beautiful life”. Visual style of many-colored fairy-tale from “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Treasure hunting quest with clues from “National treasure”. And even stealth burlesque on “Mission impossible”. Movie pinches off good ideas of the past just enough not to be disappointed.

While we can relatively divide 100-minute timeline into scenes with the presence of Mr. Paddington Brown and focus on other characters, well-played ideas and creativity are all way here. The very scene of cartoon visualization of London, we have previously seen in trailers, fascinates. Paddington 2 does not permit his viewer to be bored, being both cute and funny. Sequel even satisfies us with a charismatic antagonist, performed by Hugh Grant. And every member of friendly Brown family now endued with a positive quality, pointed out with Chekhov’s gun in the very beginning.

Paddington 2 trailer

Paddington 2 trailer

Watch Paddington 2 trailer very interesting. The world created by the late Michael Bond in his “Paddington” books is much the same as our own except for one thing- bears are intelligent creatures who can talk and interact with humans. The books follow the adventures of one such bear, Paddington, who, although he is originally from Peru, now lives at 32 Windsor Gardens, London as part of the middle-class Brown family. The 2014 film about him was such a success that a sequel became inevitable. The films do not, however, use Bond’s plots but are based upon original stories.

In the first film, Paddington narrowly avoided being stuffed and turned into an exhibit in the Natural History Museum. In “Paddington 2” he finds himself in trouble with the law when a valuable book is stolen from Mr. Gruber’s antique shop. Paddington falls under suspicion because he had expressed interest in purchasing the book as a birthday present for his Aunt Lucy. He is arrested and sent to prison. Can he establish his innocence and expose the real culprit, a vain and arrogant actor named Phoenix Buchanan, who has his own nefarious reasons for wanting the book? In the Bond universe, bears are not only intelligent, they are also (if Paddington is representative of the wider ursine community) endowed with many other admirable qualities. He is friendly, warm-hearted, loyal and generous and lives by a code of trying to see the best in everyone else- even the hardened prisoners he meets in jail. He manages to win their hearts when he gets a job as assistant to the prison cook and begins making them his delicious marmalade sandwiches. About the only people he is unable to win over are Buchanan and the Brown’s unpleasantly arctophobic neighbour Mr Curry (played by former Doctor Who Peter Capaldi), but then every film these days- even family comedies- seems to need its antagonists. (Even the cast of “My Little Pony” divide up into heroes and villains).

The film is an example of ensemble acting with several well-known British actors, including Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters and Jim Broadbent. I felt that two contributions in particular stood out. One came from Brendan Gleeson as Knuckles McGinty, the outwardly thuggish but inwardly actually quite soft prison chef who befriends Paddington during his spell in jail. The other comes from Hugh Grant, although his is not a performance which will necessarily endear him to his fellow-members of the acting fraternity, as he plays Buchanan as a wildly over-the-top caricature of the actor as arrogant and self-indulgent luvvie. (This particular stereotype of the acting profession is by no means an uncommon one among the British public).

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Paddington 2 trailer max good. Following the success of the “Harry Potter” series, there has been something of a vogue for British children’s and young-adult fiction in the film world, and Paddington, with its lovable ursine hero, looks like becoming the next great British franchise, even though it is set in something much closer to the real world than the fantasy worlds of Rowling, Tolkien, Lewis and Pullman. 8/10

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Paddington 2 trailer
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