Peter Rabbit Review IMDB

Published on March 8, 2018

Peter Rabbit Review IMDB. Director: Will Gluck. Writers: Rob Lieber, Will Gluck. Stars: James Corden, Fayssal Bazzi, Domhnall Gleeson. I loved this movie. I think it wouldve turned out terrible but it had a degree of self awareness that i think made it actually pretty clever. I saw paddington 2 too (a week apart?) and while i think it was the better movie, i liked peter rabbit a lot more, if that makes sense. paddington 2 was just this really delightful british children’s animation, peter rabbit was just this weird movie that felt so stitched together but it had the weirdness i needed

If anyone was wondering the plot is basically this: this unhinged toy salesman starts banging beatrix potter. (im not kidding, shes actually beatrix potter. except it takes place in modern day for no real reason, it wouldve been really cute if it were old timey and stuff) except beatrix potter is like the patron saint of rabbits and stuff and the guy and the rabbits really don’t like each other, the entire movie is them trying to kill each other in heinous ways. this is either the worst plotline or the best plotline ever depending on how you look at it, i really enjoyed it.

I was mentally doing shit when i saw it in theatres though, i think that kind of compounded the fever dream effect it had. it sucks that all the attention it got (even before it even came out) was so negative, i just wanted to say that it brought me cheer in a shitty time.

ALSO it kind of stinks that rose byrne (she plays beatrix) didnt get to do a lot, its mostly about the rabbits and the dude duking it out. theres a plotline where her “serious” art is supposed to be ass awful, while her drawings of the rabbit family are beautiful. idk if that was some kind of jab at beatrix potter, i guess it was supposed to be like a metaphor for how beatrix potters art wasnt taken seriously or something in society at the time because it wasn’t “serious” even though it was beautiful?? later when peter and friends are throwing dynamite and shit its revealed she didnt hear them because of the loud music. shes paint-dancing to this ass awful song (its called “fight song” by idk), and its exactly what a crazy lady who listens to Ted Talks and drinks kombucha to “boost creativity” would do. idk why i found that so funny lmao

Peter Rabbit Review IMDB

Peter Rabbit Review IMDB

But also thomas (the toy salesman guy) is also related to the old mcgregor that was the original antagonist.. nevermind the fact that shes dating her villain OC in this movie.. but he and peter show up at the end of the movie and convince her not to leave the country and give up painting. so i guess its like supposed to be her creations stopping her from giving up on her art? or maybe im looking into it too hard?

As far as adaptation approaches go its a really weird way to pay tribute to beatrix potter, but i like how they did it. its really meta and weird to have the real life author in their own story but i like the surreal ness of it and they made it kinda cute. i know other movies have done it before, but its not really done often (the little prince movie kind of did it before in this reverse framing device but the old guy who tells the story to the girl is never explicitly antoine de saint-exupery). Peter Rabbit Review IMDB very nice.

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Other note: when it came out people were saying stuff about beatrix potter spinning like the earth in her grave. Supposedly, and i mean i’m not sure, according to james cordon, the beatrix potter estate rejected feature film adaptations by multiple large film studios. countless times over the decades, even offers by the walt disney company. and i shit you not, THIS movie’s script, was the only one that got the blessing of the actual beatrix potter estate. maybe an assload of money, maybe they just never took the whole peter rabbit thing as seriously as everyone thought

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Peter Rabbit Review IMDB
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