The questions of the audience after the Infinity War’s deficiencies

Published on May 8, 2018

The questions of the audience after the Infinity War’s deficiencies

As the credits of the movie started to run, many of the audience were utterly disillusioned by the unexpected end beyond imagination, and dozens of questions were asked about why they did not stop. Do you have the same questions with

* In the article there will be spoilers TO THE Avengers Infinity War, please consider about the next

1. Thanos – adoptive father of all-under heaven?

It is well known that Gamora and Nebula are the adopted children of Thanos, who were brought up on their journey to destroy the universe, and the nation of the two girls equally destined to exterminate half the population equally. After learning the truth, both sisters left Thanos and fought against him. And then when he arrives at Wakanda to take over Vision’s “Mind” stone, Thanos meets Wanda (Scarlet Witch) and affectionately calls her “daughter” (“Child”). Do you love Purple Giant, living in mind, like soap bubbles also have the desire to “adopt father” of the galaxy? Or he has children fall children everywhere should receive it?

2. Antman miss appointment?

After winning the world of super Marvel rogue, the fans have peace of mind that there is something really creepy and “green” on the trailer but lost “suck” in the movie. . (lost “sucks”, lost “Hulk”?). On the contrary, there are things that are very subtle and subtle in the poster that the fans have to find so much to find out … well-no-nodes on the screen (suddenly?). The poster was so thoroughly painted and had the look of his tiny Ants sticking out of the Gloves. But watching the movie is still tired of seeing the guy fall into the frame. Perhaps the filmmakers shot the vast space that pans too much for the zoom lens to him Kien frame a bit? Or sleep photos? Did you miss the movie “Ant-Man and the Wasp”?

3. God hammer effect … buff?

Previously, Mjolnir was a lightning bolt called Thor, the son of Odin of Asgard. In Thor: Ragnarok when Mjolnir is destroyed, the idea Thor has “upgraded” to a new height is “robbed rob”. But the truth disappeared at the beginning of the movie Avengers Infinity War, the Thor-no-hammer was broken Thanos lost his place with a helmet, and can not protect the nation from being killed and his younger brother. death. Too angry, Thor to escape immediately must … hammer new hammer, at all costs, including the heat of a star just to hold the furnace.

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4. Which side are the curses?

Not to mention the god of divine, Loki for the wild-child hate that time again and again dragged his wings to the house, so that his brother Thor “work” to work “to solve the family ” However, later on, this boyfriend is more loved than his older brother because of his personality changes, dark ambiguity, his black and white mysterious moments, as well as some cute moments in his heart. Curls. But to the Avengers Infinity War, the goddess Tinh Ranh was quite … absent when he was anxious to save his brother, then Thanos “caught up” and killed immediately. The loyal audience of Marvel must be quite bewildered by the “flip” faster than the roll of his guy.

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