Roll to your side: Love can fill all imperfections

Published on May 23, 2018

Roll to your side: Love can fill all imperfections. “Tout le monde debout” is the romance between Joycelyn (Franck Dubosc) and Florence (Alexandra Lamy). “He” is a successful middle-aged businessman. He is very flower trained, but has a dislike of lying. It is a hobby that is the source of a brewing love affair. It all began when Jocelyn visited his mother’s house, and met her fiery neighbor while sitting in his wheelchair. That makes the girl misunderstood that Joycelyn is a disabled person. Click losmovies watch movies free now.

But “he” has no intention of correcting, but even take advantage of the wheelchair to approach the beautiful. But unexpectedly, the neighbor wants to introduce him to Florence – her sister was paralyzed. Ignore all, the thunder of love struck. “He” and “she” started together through the unique romantic moments. The happier, Joycelyn dared not be honest with Florence about his “normal”. He is afraid to lose the first true love in his life.

In contrast, Florence before meeting him is a girl who does not believe in love after a betrayal. But “she” seems to have very deep roots Joycelyn. Which end is waiting for two people at the end of the road, because “needle in the wrapper also comes out”? The biggest attraction of “Roll” to him is the character Florence, played by actress Alexandra Lamy. Physical deficiency, but the girl’s soul is not complete. Florence is probably the lens that helps widescreen audiences better understand the lives of people with disabilities.

Moreover, the French cinema is always poetic, but never forget the reality. Only a few small details in the dialogue of Florence helped re-present the difficult life of people with disabilities, or heart thirst for love is always accompanied by burdensome people. The story of Joycelyn and Florence probably reminds many readers of Me Before You (2013). But Florence is different from Will Traynor. The soul of the billionaire is dying in a wheelchair, and he has chosen death to liberate those he loves. The sadness of Me before you was condemned for leaving a negative message for the disabled.

Roll to your side: Love can fill all imperfections

Roll to your side: Love can fill all imperfections

In this same topic there is Breath (2017). The film tells the story of an ambitious, healthy man who suddenly becomes disabled because of the polio virus infection. It is the love of the wife that motivates him to live the meaning of life every day. This is a highly human love story. Unlike other movies, “Roll” to me gives the audience a feeling of light and bright. Through Florence, the film says that people with disabilities are sometimes more powerful and “full” than ordinary people. The heroine is a brave woman who dares to confront the truth.

She overcome the pain of the accident by actively practicing tennis and become a martial artist. Rather than focusing on the difficulties of life, the film gives the viewer a glimpse into Florence’s vibrant and energetic present. The smile was always on her lips, even though she had to travel with a wheelchair. Audiences will certainly forget the scene of the match of Florence or the moment she really shines in the blue dress between the orchestra. Joycelyn loved her more from those moments, and even those who sat in front of the screen.

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The character of Florence impressed and convincingly merited from the small Alexandra Lamy. The incarnation of the actress is very authentic, not forced rice. The result came from her long time acquainted with the wheelchair, regarded it as “undivided”, before the film shoot. Or as for tennis, Lamy wants to do it himself instead of using a stuntman like Franck Dubosc’s suggestion. The devotion to the role of the star really turns Florence into the soul of the film, helping the character inspire the audience.

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Roll to your side: Love can fill all imperfections
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