“Sharp Objects”: Deep wounded soul, where is the trace deep enough?

Published on July 11, 2018

“Sharp Objects”: Deep wounded soul, where is the trace deep enough? Sharp Objects is the elaborate miniseries of HBO that goes into the dark corner of a woman’s psyche, depicting the traumas and traumas that her characters suffer. Adapted from the first novel by Gillian Flynn (who later released the hit Gone Girl), Sharp Objects cut deeply into the viewer’s emotions with obsessive visual effects. Click zmovie watch free movies online.

The bizarre part of the movie is probably when we start to realize that the details “should not be there,” scattered all over the story of Camille Preaker, played by Amy Adams. A little girl in a white dress suddenly appeared on a sofa recently only empty. An invisible spider in a clean purple room with a veil. Particularly must mention the very ugly phrase that viewers inadvertently inscribed in the head. BEAUTIFUL – written on dusty trunks, FASTENING – etched on a wooden table, HARMFUL – looming in a Jeep and DISCONTINUED – appears on human skin.

Like the successful series Big Little Lies last year, Sharp Objects was directed by Canadian filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallée based on a book. But if the stories of the great women carry aesthetics, the Cutscenes has a gothic gloomy South American color in the context of the 21st century. Fun and interesting details: Kids gripping the pistol, the floor covered with ivory, a detective carrying a pig head in a paper bag. They remind us of the weirdness of the town of Wind Gap, Missouri: Someone is killing young girls and plucking their teeth out of their bodies.

"Sharp Objects": Deep wounded soul, where is the trace deep enough?

“Sharp Objects”: Deep wounded soul, where is the trace deep enough?

The person who was sent to report on the murders was Camille Preaker – a woman suffering, self-loathing, self-harm. It is Camille who tells the story of her eyesight in the bizarre Wind Gap, when she clues to the death of young girls. Fragmented fragments of memories are constantly being turned upside down in Sharp Objects, which reminds people of the sequel to Season 2 of the Westworld series. Only the director Vallée can handle the film more neatly. But that is all that is hard to describe.

Camille has fled from her home country as a way out of her mother’s powerful hand – Adora (played by Patricia Clarkson). Inherited a huge fortune from the slaughterhouse, Adora manipulated to half the town. Sharp Objects does not go into how this woman uses and gains power, but is interested in the relationship between Adora and her children. Camille is frightened and desperate to leave the country, his brother Marian (Lulu Wilson) died early but still haunts Camille, and her new sister 15-year-old Amma (Eliza Scanlen) but as disgusting as her mother.

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The visual impression of the film was directed by Vallée created by the scene hit the surface of sharp edges. A serrated knife. A crown bar. That speaks to Camille’s obsession with them. Even more obsessive is the poor choice of women’s career at the Wind Gap: either in the abattoir, in the family, or in the custody of their children. Do not mix yourself into one of these three types, you will be tormented to misery. Sharp Objects is the image of the fall of the American dream. A young boy with a drug addict mother showed Camille a pistol to prove that he was safe. Sweet tea bag is mixed with vodka. A hunting lodge is decorated with pornographic posters and strips of dried meat.

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"Sharp Objects": Deep wounded soul, where is the trace deep enough?
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