The Handmaiden 18+ Korean Backstage

Published on February 5, 2018

The Handmaiden 18+ Korean Backstage. The scene of the hot scene in “The Handmaiden” will make you admire the production team of this work. Sweeping the Korean box office in 2016, The Handmaiden is a favorite of Kimchi Park Chan’s top fans. The success of this drama can not be overestimated, due to the bed scenes between the two lead actresses Kim Min Hee (played by Hideko) and Kim Tae Ri (played by Sook Hee).

Well known, but not everyone knows about the exciting behind-the-scenes story behind The Handmaiden’s hot scenes – rare lesbian scenes that have rarely appeared on Korean screens.

The Handmaiden 18+ Korean Backstage 2

Director Park Chan-wook said that the two main characters were the first scene he drew on a storyboard. This is also the scene that he drew in the most detailed and meticulous, as it is a very important scene for film circuit.

Prior to the official filming, Park’s director requested that Kim Min Hee and Kim Tae Ri try their hot scenes in a still-dressed state. The purpose of this rehearsal was for him to check in front of the camera angles, so that the actors’ posture and movement were the same as the idea in his head, as well as to eliminate inappropriate angles.

The Handmaiden 18+ Korean Backstage

The Handmaiden 18+ Korean Backstage

As soon as the recording is about to begin, the video recording system, lighting is already installed. All crew members, including Park Chan-wook and the director of photography, had to leave the recording area to leave only two female lead actors on the set.

The camera used for recording is a direct-focus camera. Since it is not possible to use a wireless device or remote control to record an audio file, only one female staff member of the audio team has been placed on the set to perform the task. It’s up to the two characters Hideko and Sook Hee to get their own space.

While Kim Min Hee and Kim Tae Ri recorded the hot scene, the crew prepared the wine and burned the fragrant herbs in the restroom so that after filming, the two actresses could relax here.

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If you understand the plot and the emotions of the characters, viewers will understand that the things that the filmmakers do not make no sense or waste. Thanks to this thoughtful preparation, plus the efforts of the two actresses themselves, The Handmaiden has been the scene of hot and beautiful.

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The Handmaiden 18+ Korean Backstage
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