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Published on January 31, 2018

Watch Suicide Squad Online Free Putlockers. Watch movie Full HD online Free now. Honestly. You should go watch it for yourself and decide yourself. The movie seems to be very decisive. Me personally. I loved it. It was fun. It had heart. And the action and soundtrack was riveting. The story could have been better but as far as a superhero movies goes. It’s on par with the usual. Evil wants to take over. And a group of rag heroes or anti heroes in this case has to stop it. Nothing overly complex. But most superhero movies really aren’t. Great cast that seem to engage well with each other. Good cgi. I’ll definitely watch it again. And I really hope for a sequel. The possibilities are quite interesting with this story line.

Watch Suicide Squad Online Now

But I’ve seen some reviews completely bashing this movie for doing things that any other movie gets praised for. You’d have to be a fool to think the story was too messy to understand. It was straight forward. Editing was a bit choppy in the middle but nothing that puts you off the movie. And people don’t seem to know how the rating system works. Giving it 1 star in the hopes of just bringing down the score. When it’s obvious this movie doesn’t deserve anywhere near 1 star. This isn’t the avatar the last air bender movie. Sad really considering this movie is definitely worth the price of a ticket. And it has the necessities of an above average summer blockbuster. Go watch it and decide for yourself. Watch Suicide Squad Online Free Putlockers verry nice.

Watch Suicide Squad Online Free Putlockers Full HD

There are aspects of the film that do let it down, I’ll admit. The plot isn’t very strong, Killer Croc was lame and some of the lines were corny. Other than that, it was spot on. Dark, funny, action- packed, there isn’t a lot more you could want from a Comic-book movie. They did a really good job portraying outlandish comic book villains like Captain Boomerang, someone who by all accounts should have been super lame, and making him into a very likable character. Jared Leto was excellent for the limited screen time he had, closer to Jack’s Joker than Heaths.

This is just what I was hoping for in since I saw the first trailer a year ago. It didn’t disappoint. People are trying to compare this to Marvel films where they have had years of putting the back-story of each character. Jared Leto was exceptional as the Joker, he brought HIS Joker and left the rest behind. There was just NOT enough of him in the movie but the scenes he was in were exceptional.

Watch Suicide Squad Online Free Putlockers

Watch Suicide Squad Online Free Putlockers

Cant wait for the next movies with him as the Joker. Margot Robbie was just the perfect Harley Quinn, she played the Jokers on/off again girlfriend psychotic perfectly. She nailed it! Will Smith was perfect as Dead Shot and the leader of the group, I loved Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje role as Killer Croq. He had just the best lines. I just fell in love with him. Didn’t see enough of Kevin Eastwood. Cara Delevingne did just a fantastic job for her 1st time on the big screen. Loved Karen Fukuhara as well. The funniest was Jai Courtney and this bad-ass who likes stuffed unicorns.

This is by far the best film to see over the summer. Even twice so you can see what you missed the 1st time. So many Easter Eggs you miss the 1st time. AND there will be a sequel as you need to stay after the closing scene. Was a bit disappointed the Skrillex and Rick Ross Purple Lamborgini video wasn’t at the end of the movie. First off let me just say that the critics and the people that “hate” this movie are just people you cant please in life. There is absolutely no reason to hate anything about Suicide Squad. This movie was fun and very entertaining, which is what movies are suppose to be. Watch Suicide Squad Online Free Putlockers now.

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I laugh when I see some of these reviews of normal people just going to the theater and analyzing every little flaw in the movie as if they are professional directors. There’s no reason why this movie should have such a low critic score. If you want to watch this movie, go see it and judge for yourself. Don’t let people to hate on most movies as their career to steer you away from watching this summer blockbuster. The characters are fantastic, especially Harley Quinn, Deadshot and the Joker. Seeing Batman in the movie made it that much better. I love comics and I love DC and i think director David Ayer did it justice. I personally hope we see more movies with Leto’s Joker in it. He is one scary dude!

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