Where Hollywood romance movies go?

Published on July 3, 2018

Where Hollywood romance movies go? Romantic factor is a wisdom tooth in modern blockbusters, it is usually placed at the back and is regarded as a trivial element, or whether or not it is not appreciated. Even worse, many say it is the remnant of an era now outdated in Hollywood. As everyone has seen in recent expensive films, the “poor” romance is slowly becoming an unbearable disease in Los Angeles filmmakers. From Star Wars to Jurassic World, the main characters’ affections are treated as a side-by-side element and cast aside. Despite a bit of extra effort in the script, the delicate but awkward relationship of Finn and Rose in The Last Jedi and Claire’s uninterested love interest with Owen in the Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom only brings the audience. Fake a feeling of mischief, accept the whole of the work.

Today, romance only has the potential to be a protagonist in niche films, meaning genre-oriented films such as rom-com and independent film LGBT ( Love, Simon belongs to both categories. To be honest, there is nothing wrong with romanticizing these genres. Only thing, if you look at the old days in Hollywood, people would be surprised to know that the romantic element was the heart of each movie and a trump card to attract the audience to the cinema. Watch zmovies online free now.

This is called the Golden Age. This period lasted from the late 1920s to the early 1960s. An era marked by the appearance of bright stars in the movie sky, amateurs – graceful grace , with beautiful faces like the angels, contributing in the film to influence the world. It is the amusement of the amateurs – this stage has created the feeling of excitement, excitement that every audience is looking for, attracting viewers regardless of every genre that the film is pursuing. Today, if there is a blockbuster between the two main characters have chemistry with each other, it is just like a good luck rather than trying to be intentional.

Where Hollywood romance movies go?

Where Hollywood romance movies go?

Actually, Golden Age in Hollywood is not perfect either. This period has many issues that can be re-examined today such as stereotyping, sexism, racism and all sorts of other outdated techniques. However, it still carries a distinctive hallmark of the artist, with a bit of genius and a bit of magic. Nowadays, when people have overcome the things that Hollywood was in the past to forget about the old values ​​of it.

Romance is not at fault if a work is considered grossly unremarkable, nor does it have sex or slow progression if it is a well-built love story. Hollywood today can create attractive and compelling female characters but it is too difficult to put into a love story soaring without the poles flying politically as mentioned above. The problem is not whether the female characters love or not, but also love the female characters do anything else on the screen or not.

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Just 10 to 15 years ago, romance has not been pushed aside as a separate genre. It is the most important element of heartfelt blockbuster and is done in a good way. Couples like Jack and Rose of the Titanic, Will and Elizabeth of Pirates of the Caribbean, Jake and Neytiri of Avatar are perfect role models for those who love dreams and adventure. If you compare Tony and Pepper’s love story in Iron Man 1 to any bland love story in the current 3 phase MCU, you will feel the difference. Looking back at the romantic icons of Hollywood, we have unforgettable couples like Harry and Sally, Jack and Sally, Jack and Rose, Han and Leila are present in the films of the full such as humor, moving, science fiction … They make themselves legendary with memorable lines, the film scene straight into the soul of the audience.

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Where Hollywood romance movies go?
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